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XP SysPad is a system utility that allows easy access to system utilities
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XP SysPad is a Windows system monitoring utility that allows easy access to Windows system information and Windows system utilities. Such utilities include individual control panel applets, and hidden applications within Windows. XP SysPad allows recovery of lost Windows/MS office product keys. With the XP SysPad user(s) are allowed to access hundreds of Windows operating system utilities and system monitoring information.

User(s) can recover the Windows 2000/XP product key, get IP address, launch any program, execute web queries, monitor running system process, and minimize to system tray. The XP SysPad has well over 250 functions, small with minute memory footprint, makes no changes to Windows operating system, and also comes with an uninstaller for user(s) to delete if not happy with program.

XP SysPad has several features, some of these features include Disk partition manager, DDE share, Removable storage operator, Windows management infrastructure, Component services, Event viewer, Environment variables, Private character editor, System configuration, Microsoft address book import tool, Utility manager, Internet explorer repair tool, Briefcase information tool, Recover lost product key of Windows/MS office, Internet explorer, and email default client. XP SysPad offers new user(s) a more experienced and efficient way to allow the use on other computers with limited/restricted access.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Recover lost Windows/MS Office product keys


  • No real use for “Power Users”
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